The Gathering Super Tantrum, by Robert Gore

It’s time for a divorce.

Russiagate, impeachment, the coronavirus power grab, riots, overhyped Trump “scandals” that came and went, and nonstop venom, vitriol, and vituperation come together under this label: the Continuing Tantrum. The presidential election is less than two months away, and we’re being promised the tantrum to end all tantrums, a Super Tantrum, if the harpy and the dotard don’t win.

Children don’t have a shadowy cabal and mainstream political, business, and media figures encouraging (and funding) their tantrums. Unlike Continuing Tantrum partisans, children who tantrum can be spanked or put in time out, they don’t burn down cities or launch coups, and some of them grow up.

The cabal and its useful idiots are giving the rest of us a “your money or your life” proposition. We either elect Harris/Biden or the cabal launches a coup and their thugs destroy the country. Hillary Clinton already has told Biden not to concede under any circumstances. It’s a regime-change operation similar to those the cabal has waged around the globe for decades. BLM and Antifa are kissing cousins to the US’s cat’s-paw Islamic extremists and Ukrainian neo-nazis. Fomenting violence and chaos, they’re the violent cover for their sponsors’ intrigues. Order won’t emerge from their chaos, unless your idea of order is Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Libya, and Ukraine.

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It’s all laid out in the Transition Integrity Project (TIP), a blueprint of how the cabal intends to install Harris/Biden regardless of the actual election results. Couched in the plausible deniability language of war-gaming and projections, every one of its scenarios—other than a clear Harris win—leads to a constitutional bonfire fueled by street violence, court battles, legislative legerdemain, media propaganda, and possible military intervention. Its authors are circumspect, but one man’s war-gaming and projections are another man’s call to action and instruction manual.

The TIP has about the same chance as a poker player drawing to an inside straight. Trump may deserve to be the fifth white male on Mr. Rushmore if for no other reason than he forced the cabal out of the shadows. He has exposed the unholy alliance of scheming bureaucrats, political figureheads, intelligence operatives, military brass, contractors, second-rate academics, media moguls, and Hollywood airheads that presume to rule us. “The Deep State” was a fringe term when Trump became president, now it’s part of the vernacular. With exposure comes ridicule and scorn; it’s nowhere near as smart or competent as once supposed. Russiagate and the impeachment were maladroit melodramas manipulated by mendacious mediocrities.

The cabal places great store in narrative management. Back in the 1960s and 1970s allegations were first voiced, mostly from the fringe, that the FBI and CIA had infiltrated the mainstream media. There were also complaints, always dismissed, about the media’s liberal bias. Trump derangement syndrome has put the liberal bias on full display, nobody even pretends it doesn’t exist. As for intelligence agency infiltration, the owner of the Washington Post has a huge contract from the CIA and television and cable networks hire ex-spooks as commentators.

Narrative management was easy when there were only three television networks and a few “papers of record.” Now it’s much harder to suppress the truth. The intelligence agencies and their media mouthpieces are subject to constant scrutiny from the alternative media. Once it opens people’s eyes, they stay open; regular AM readers don’t return to mainstream lies.

While the cabal protects its own—the most powerful perpetrators of Russiagate and the impeachment attempted coups may escape punishment—the official and media cover afforded cabal skullduggery is nowhere near as effective as it was for, say, the Kennedy assassinations. Back in the media’s halcyon days, it took a decade before any significant number of people started waking up to the truth about the assassinations. Now we see Plot Holes exposed in real time.

Cable networks broke the television networks’ oligopoly and the information dam began springing leaks. Leaks became gushers with the advent of the Internet and sites devoted to independent investigative journalism, scathing commentary, and non-mainstream news aggregation. The cabal tries buying off the rebels, and if that doesn’t work it deplatforms or demonetizes them. Nevertheless, the rebel alliance continues to find ways to circumvent the Empire. New sites and social media alternatives spring up like weeds and bought-off sites like the Drudge Report see precipitous declines in viewership.

The gathering Super Tantrum, given added impetus by the Supreme Court situation, advertises itself as righteous revolution, but it would be the cabal deposing an outsider and installing chosen insiders. A real revolution overthrows insiders, so call this another attempted coup. Give into your kids’ tantrums and you’ll suffer rule by screams. The cabal thinks it can turn violence on for regime-change and off once it’s successful. That’s wishful thinking. Violence is a race to the bottom and the most bloodthirsty win. Coups often devour their sponsors—you get someone to do the dirty work and you become the dirty work.

Parents who cave in to their children’s tantrums ruin any chance they’ll grow into productive, happy adults. If the Super Tantrum steals the election, the America experiment is over. The Harris Democrats will rejigger the rules so they’ll never lose and America will become a one-party banana republic featuring permanent bio-totalitarianism.

California, New York, and Illinois are previews of coming attractions. They increasingly look like collectivist third-world dumps: the favored few ultra-rich, vanishing middle classes, masses of poor, and rampant crime, corruption, squalor, and seething unrest. And this before their underfunded pensions and welfare systems’ inevitable collapse.

If the Super Tantrum coup succeeds, millions of Trump supporters will know they’ve been robbed and see the writing on the wall for what remains of their freedom and way of life. They’ll be angry, and most of them have firearms. There’s no telling how they’ll respond, but probably not with the restraint to which they responded to the riots or the docility to which they responded to coronavirus totalitarianism. They may launch a righteous revolution of their own, or at least a guerrilla war. The US government hasn’t hadn’t much luck with guerrilla wars the last few decades. A once great nation would become ungovernable and unlivable, especially in the urban hellholes.

To paraphrase divorce decrees, the factions can no longer live in comity, a separation is necessary. That conclusion doesn’t have to be universally embraced. It won’t be embraced by those few who disparage the deplorable productive but dimly realize they’re the golden geese. It will be embraced by people fed up with the garbage. Judging by the numbers of refugees fleeing collectivist states, it already has. They’re taking their outdated fondness for families, livable towns and cities, law and order, property and contract rights, voluntary exchange, hard work, deferred gratification, saving, fiscal sobriety, limited government, individual rights, civility, decency, God, guns, and other cherished hallmarks of their civilization with them.

Once they leave, all the children will have are their tantrums.

70 responses to “The Gathering Super Tantrum, by Robert Gore

  1. Great analysis, Robert!!!!!
    Linked as usual @


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  3. Everyone I know is thinking exactly what you have suggested Robert. Many are preparing for what seems inevitable, no matter which way the elections go. Personally, I don’t see any scenario where this ends well. How about you?


    • It depends on what you mean by end. If you mean the immediate aftermath of the election, I see nothing good. If, however, that catalyzes disgust, exit, separation, and secession, then I regard that as something good.


      • There is no way out but through.

        Excellent writing as always, sir.


      • Robert,
        It’s a forgone conclusion that ‘exit, separation, and secession’ will
        NOT be allowed by the bolshevists both in and out of ‘government’.

        As author Kenneth Royce/Boston T. Party mentioned in the Introduction,
        pp. xiii of his novel, Molon Labe!” (2004):
        “Do I believe that the USG would willingly allow a national mitosis?
        No, I think that the Federal Government would try to crush any such
        attempt, as it did in the 1860’s. (Note the modern antipathy towards
        the Confederacy and its flag.) Once, however the Crash hits and the welfare checks become increasingly worthless through inflation, and the federal troops are patrolling the streets, we will become the Yugoslavia of the Western Hemisphere. THEN, secession will finally have it’s chance.”

        Those same bolshevists have stated openly that they will NOT allow the rest of us to ‘go back to normal’ and their ‘useful idiot’ foot
        soldiers, whether in ‘burn-loot-murder’ or antifa, etc. have also openly admitted that they fully intend to bring their bolshevist clown circus out of the cities and to every suburb and town across America to try to ram their ‘revolution’ down our throats.

        So, no, peaceable separation, let alone secession will NOT be allowed
        as an option. As others here have stated, there’s NO ‘voting our way
        out of the coming ugliness’, the only way, if such parasites make their
        prescense and demands violently known in our AO’s will be through
        them..and it WILL be extremely bloody for both parties. Such is ALWAYS the case when it’s a battle for sheer be it!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!


  4. The worst fights I’ve seen, have been between relatives, or at least the ones that I thought were the most terrifying. They usually erupt suddenly, over small things, the build-up having gone on for years of seething resentment and perceived wrong. The last, between brothers, was so sudden and unexpected, that all I could do was stand there with my mouth open. I was caught completely off guard. Such is what we might see in November. I believe once we get a lot of blood shed, it’ll be off to that race to the bottom you describe. I’ve always appreciated your candor, wit, and clarity, Robert, and this is no exception. But I weep for my children and on because they are blind to the future madness. Ah, well, they can always struggle and win back their freedom and prosperity and not wind up in chains. The bad guys don’t always win.


  5. “Russiagate and the impeachment were maladroit melodramas manipulated by mendacious mediocrities.”
    5 M’s of alliteration = best sentence of the day. And who would want to associate with such reprobates–leave them in Calif, NY and Ill, etc.


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  7. “The cabal thinks it can turn violence on for regime-change and off once it’s successful. That’s wishful thinking. Violence is a race to the bottom and the most bloodthirsty win. Coups often devour their sponsors—you get someone to do the dirty work and you become the dirty work.”

    Indeed. Marxist/Moslem america thinks it can control what comes out of Pandora’s Box. However, no one can. There is only one choice with Pandora’s Box – to open it or not.

    Question: How do people who are polar opposites and hate each other’s guts peacefully coexist?
    Answer: They don’t.

    Question: What happens when people decide they aren’t going to peacefully coexist any longer?
    Answer: They don’t.

    A peaceful divorce is what all sane people should desire.

    Unfortunately, the imperial oligarchs lack said sanity. Meaning sanity’s seat at the table will have to come at the Deplorable’s invitation.

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  8. Brilliant synopsis.
    I keep wondering what the trigger will be however for the unfit, overweight, apathetic masses.
    To so willingly embrace the mask debacle makes me a little doubtful they will rise up unless things get to (what point?)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t worry so much about the opposition, but we need to make sure our side is fit, trim, and committed.


    • I hear you in context of the unfit, overweight, apathetic masses. I will also add: medicated, distracted and of low self-worth. The mask debacle raises my blood pressure . . . in particular, when I see people at 10,400′ elevation (Camp Muir at Mt. Rainier) or the Grand Canyon or Humphrey’s Peak (high point of Arizona) … outdoors … and these nitwits are wearing masks. I almost walked up to a couple while at the Grand Canyon and inquired “so do you still wear those masks while you are f*c*ing?” — but the Libertarian in me said … No, just leave them alone. On the other hand, in just one week since my health club reopened in Washington State, the number of mask wearers has dropped significantly. Keep on taking incremental steps, in the correct direction, and you can make a difference.


      • I live in the most remote town in the lower 48 and see people driving alone wearing a mask. Frequently.
        I honestly don’t have much hope. People don’t know how to think anymore, and what’s worse is most stand by without correcting them for fear of some kind of Karen like reprisal.
        The only incremental step I can envision at this point to correct the problem is just shooting them.


  9. “Violence is a race to the bottom and the most bloodthirsty win. Coups often devour their sponsors—you get someone to do the dirty work and you become the dirty work.”

    This needs to be tatooed inside the eyelids of virtually every western urban zoomer female. All of them.

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  19. Mr. Gore likes the violence. The blood that will run in the streets will be on your hands. Marxism has no way forward without death, destruction and capitulation. You need to be fit and trim to run away, it won’t help the leftists. I have many friends who are Veterans, we don’t plan to run, we are planning to fight. Mr. Gore when this fight starts, the media hacks on the left will pay a price, you picked sides, you will get treated worse that the pencil necked clowns burning up the cities. Wait for it!!!


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  23. Mr Gore ever read
    The Declaration of Independence
    Want to understand what the CAUSE will become to again reach a COMITY
    Mr gore evil is real and it is able to bring a form of Absolute Despotism an
    TYRANNY but that used to be when humanity had no Ideas that their was a Sprit aka Divine Providence That can an will Protect A man or woman who understands Life Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness, and today very soon
    Mr Gore you will be witness to
    The Sprit of 76 ,it is the SOUL-lution to the MADNESS of evil that has become capitalized
    GOD Fearing AMERICANS are real Mr Gore , and we are not a Silent
    MAJORITY we are The Storm , best get out your history books on
    Who What Where When WHY
    We The People suffer evil , and know that When the list of EVIL in all CAPITALS presents itself in the Light of DAY AmeriCANS reach for our Boots our GUNS and I quote from the Declaration
    We Must therefore acquiesce in the Necessity which Denounces our Separation and hold them as we hold the rest of MANKIND,
    Enemies in War in PEACE FRIENDS
    The Hyphenated Americans will always be part of our REPUBLIC
    But THEY have wished for Absolute Despotism
    Tyranny will not be acceptable and so their little sedition will become very UNCIVIL WAR and We The People will
    Water the Tree Of Liberty and bury the left an by extension the Nation states that sponsor their EVIL
    It is the natural Manure required for FREEDOM .
    The hard road is called AmeriCAN Way for if it was EASY everybody would be able to travel the Road ,
    Thomas Paine wrote a simple book Called Common Sense
    Theodore Roosevelt wrote a simple book
    Fear God and Take your Own Part
    Americans never will Go Quietly into that Good Night for We Do Not
    FEAR Evil.


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  26. “With exposure comes ridicule and scorn…”

    All truth passes through three stages; first it is ridiculed, then it is violently opposed, then finally accepted as being self evident.

    Or something to that effect.

    I cannot see ANY outcome of this election which does not result with explosive reactions within the urban cesspools, either as outright rage or celebrations of insanity.

    Enoch Powell’s vision comes to mind…should Sleepy Joe & Comrade Harris “win” it will be as if a Hutus vs Tutsis merge with the French “revolution”. A Trump win will ensure endless rioting, AKA “protests”.

    Thank you for your insights.
    Prepare for the inevitable.


  27. Separation? No. Extermination of the Marxist threat and it’s corporate enablers is the only way to re-establish the Republic.


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  30. I anticipate the left’s response to an inquiry regarding an amicable divorce going something like this. “Till death do us part”. Similar to how all the machine guns on the Berlin Wall were all pointed in, not out. They can’t just let us walk away and live in liberty. Freedom anywhere is a danger to tyranny everywhere. It shines like a lighthouse beacon of hope and refuge. Like Honk Kong protesters waving American flags and immigrants seeking to land here. Of course they must have missed the PSA from King LeBron about minorities being hunted.

    I thought the 5 M’s were clever too Robert


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  33. Separation has occurred mentally and spiritually, now it is becoming physically as people are relocating. This seems inevitable and natural.
    The caveat to National divorce is to also recognize that it may be a Win for the tyrannical Globalists as the USA splinters (much like the former Soviet Union) it will no longer be a world power.
    The underlying economic disasters will be more real to Everyone than the political circuses. Imo, Food Control will dictate more than gun control, and self sufficiency in Both are vital.


  34. so youre a Trump supporter? do you also supporter an unconstitutional OPERATION WARP SPEED??


  35. The coming breakdown of FUSA will be very much like the Balkans imho. The Trump will give us 4 more years to prepare for the coming trials. America must go down as most students of prophecy tend to understand . And Trump will have another term if the voices of prophecy I hear are truly prophets . After that you will be in the last stage of decline as the anti-Christ system is instituted world wide . I feel like the old hippy holding a sign up on a bustling Times Square shouting the end is near . But it is . Enjoy the decline . There is very little in prophecy indicating America will even be a key player in the Beast System .


  36. My 3 watchwords are Secession, Panarchy and Subsidiarity. Secession is total divorce; Panarchy is somewhat less drastic, like a marital separation, with trade and other mutual intercourse still occurring; and Subsidiarity is rejection of rule by elites in distant cities.


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  39. Great, straight forward article. More and more people I know are thinking, and talking, like this. Our local gun club is inundated with new applicants…and we are in university town (UVA). The Virginia Citizens Defense League now has 35,000 members! So glad you said all of this. Either we survive through ballots, redrawing borders, or outright bloodshed. Scary times we live in.


  40. Anyone who thinks the US has a “Left”, that Biden is in any way ‘Left’, or that BLM has a ‘left-wing’ ideology is by definition a completely uneducated moron. Please, you all, get a political education, and the sooner the better – words actually fail me when trying to encapsulate the breadth of ignorance shown here. To say that this article is a load of typical US right wing libertarian conspiracy theorising – head completely up the ass stuff, is the understatement of the century. There is no ‘Left’ in the USA worth talking about, except in your delusional ‘brains’ – if I can call them that. The Dems and the Reps are just two faces of the same capitalist arse.


    • BLM’s founders have cited their own Marxism. I always thought the left embraced Marx. Please enlighten all of us completely uneducated morons with our heads completely up our asses as to how the BLM’s Marxism is not leftist, or would that unacceptably require you to make a cogent argument and not just denigrate and malign those with whom you disagree?


      • BLM is a movement driven mainly by a reaction to the sustained and profound racism in the US. Any nominal commitment to Marxism is confined to a small vocal minority, and has no deep resonance with those protesting. Marxism in the US is to the mainstream audience just a vague swear-word, is not generally understood or taught, and is the property of probably a few thousand ‘activists’. The fear-mongering references here and elsewhere in US publications is merely an extension of the ‘swear-word’ motif. My ‘disagreement’ is based on this ignorant and propagandist usage by those such as yourself.


        • Sigh … there is no sustained and profound racism in the US. The notion of systemic racism is a myth. The idea of the police being systemically racist is a puff ball that vanishes under the scrutiny of mathematics – statistics – real world numbers. The whipping up of the current racism narrative offers fuel to the Marxist rationale for existence — that there are classes and the classes must be eliminated. Decades ago, the classes were demarcated by levels of wealth (property) and the fact that there were far wealthier individuals than others offered a means to show that a disparity in justice existed which needed to be eliminated. However, mathematics and reality illuminated the situation: > 80% of all those individuals in the ‘wealthy’ class got that way on their own, and moreover, that there was a continuous churn of people through the scale of wealth as a result of individual behavior in a marketplace of voluntary exchange (Capitalism). So, the Marxists regrouped and now insist that the classes are demarcated by race … which cannot be changed. The BLM and Antifa looting, destruction and malice are the exercise of the Marxist notion of leveling the classes and making things ‘fair.’ Recently, a book was published and later embraced by the Left ‘In Defense of Looting’ This is pure lunacy and at its core, is the expression of a pathology of envy. Marxism, at its core, is similarly the aggrandizement of the drunkard — the ‘Worker’ (state-fueled and directed automaton) lurching forward under the psychological angst of envy-intoxication.


  41. PS I would be very surprised if you or anyone else posting here have ever read any works written by Marx. But don’t try to tell me you have – there is no way of proving that, (unless you can show in your own words a real understanding of what he proposed).


    • Bingo sir. I can’t speak for anyone else, but once I heard about the ability-need thing, I had no interest. I haven’t read a word of Marx except a few brief experts. Even from those excerpts I could tell that reading him would be an extremely tedious experience, and life’s too short. Good ideas seldom come disguised as bad writing. I’ve been a freedom loving capitalist for as far back as I can remember, and a pretty good one at that. I’ve got no interest in my abilities funding anyone else’s claimed “need”, nor do I believe that it’s anyone else’s duty to fund me. I abhor and resist anyone or any philosophy that claims or imposes such duties. My affinity for free market capitalism has been developed and deepened by the writings of Ayn Rand, who lived under and escaped from a Marxist system. And please, if you’re going to tell me how glorious Marxism is, please use examples pulled from the real world and not some Marxist fantasy. There are reasons why Marx and Marxism are swear words and provoke fear among many people, myself included. Regimes that have labeled themselves Marxist have a death count of at least 100 million.


  42. In other words, you are a selfish, materialistic pro-capitalist ignoramus. I expected nothing else.


    • Just got back from a 10 mile run, thinking about this and tossing my dog in the ring … Over the years, as a Pro-Capitalist and rather happily propertied man, I have been accused of “So you got yours, now f*** everybody else.” To which I respond “Yes, I have done very well. Now if you can name just one individual that I have f***ed, I would like to hear it.” The Leftie stammers a bit and only has “Society” to offer … to which I inquire, “I presume that you are a member of Society … and how have I f’ed you?” No answer. The presumption is that since I, an individual, am successful, someone else had to suffer. Nope. My success is, in large measure, a result of carefully choosing the individuals that I will voluntarily associate with … whether that is in business or on a shared rope ascending a mountain.

      In short: Yes, I am a selfish, materialist, pro-capitalist. My business partners and clients would blush, on your behalf, at the ginormous jab. Have a nice day.


  43. PS The USA, in Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Syria and 50+ other countries since 1945, has notched up a similar record of deaths of innocent men, women and children, and continues to do so. By your support, you too are complicit.


    • Selfish? Absolutely. Materialistic? Of course. Pro-capitalist? Right on! Ignoramus? If by that you mean I’m stupid, I’ll stand on my record. And save me from selfless, anti-materialistic, anti-capitalists, presumably such as yourself. I trust you’ve realized that I couldn’t care less what you think of me.


    • I didn’t support and in fact opposed all those wars and the government’s actions pertaining to them. If you can find anything I’ve written on this website or anywhere else that contradicts that, show it to me. Pro-capitalism and antiwar are not at all mutually exclusive, regardless of what Marxist theory might teach.


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