Inverted Victimhood, by Eric Peters

Just make sure you comply, regardless of whether or not it makes any sense. The government is entitled to our obeisance, simply because it is the government. From Eric Peters at

Bad enough that people are told they “owe” money to people they never met, with whom they never contracted for services they neither use nor want – i.e., having to pay what the “government” and those who do not understand what it is – or don’t want to face up to what it does – calls “taxes.”

Worse, arguably, is people who’ve not been harmed receiving money – via the “government” –  extracted from the hides of those whom the “government” claims have done them wrong.

Mercedes-Benz being the latest inverted victim of this dirty business.

The German automaker stands convicted of passing government “emissions” testing.

Its Bluetec diesel engines – like VW’s TDI diesels – were “clean” enough to be “certified” for sale in the U.S. and Europe.

All of the foregoing words in air-fingers quotation marks to indicate the disingenuous way these terms are always used by the government and its lampreys, including those in the “media.”

“Clean” means compliant. It does not mean that a not-“clean” engine is dirty; i.e., that it generates extravagant or even significant pollution. The difference between a “clean” and a not-compliant engine can be (and is) defined by fractions of prior fraction, according to “Tiers” and “Bins,” which are the government regulatory apparat’s obscure and largely meaningless – in terms of anything meaningful as regards pollution – hopscotch categories defining compliance.

“Certified” means the government approves. Which means the government allows. That which is “certified” may be manufactured and sold; that which is not “certified” is illegal to manufacture and offer for sale. “Certified” means nothing insofar as fitness for use, though the government would like it very much if people believed it does. Many, unfortunately, do.

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