Biden Blew Up Nord Stream Pipelines but Did He Allow the Ukraine War to Go Ahead to Justify the Covert Operation? By Martin Jay

Hersh confirmed what everybody already knew—that the U.S. had blown up the Nordstream pipeline. The mainstream media asked none of the questions that might have led to their own journalistic scoops. From Martin Jay at

All the signs were there for American journalists to arrive at the conclusion of Hersh. But they didn’t, fearing this would be an anti-patriotic act.

What does Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan all have in common? These are all countries which either have vast energy reserves – or are believed to have them but are untapped – and whose regimes don’t fall in line with U.S. hegemony and its American leaders’ demands. Or, in other words, they are countries which have been invaded and bombed, or at the very least in the case of Iran sanctioned (which is a form of warfare) due to their resistance to let Uncle Sam have cut price oil and gas, which in some cases in effect is intended to be free.

And all these countries are a stain on U.S. hegemony and its floundering model, as they have all been failed interventions which have cost America dearly.

The theme is always the same for U.S. intervention as energy keeps coming up time and time again as the basis of its policies. And pipelines. This word is really the one keyword which we see emerge repeatedly in this dark area of America’s post-war history.

And so it should come as little surprise that in Seymour Hersh’s excellent investigative piece recently, that the award-winning journalist lifts the lid on the Biden administration and shows the whole world just how much American presidents lie while in office, not only to the world but to those who vote for them. Biden planned the attacks on the two Russia pipelines Nord Stream meticulously for months, probably from his inauguration into office in January 2021 and, in fact, was not even discreet about keeping his intentions from public view.

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One response to “Biden Blew Up Nord Stream Pipelines but Did He Allow the Ukraine War to Go Ahead to Justify the Covert Operation? By Martin Jay

  1. “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.”

    Retired 4-Star General Wesley Clark


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