The Dreaded D-Word, by Joel Bowman

In a free market economy on a gold standard, deflation is the general course. It is not something to be feared under these circumstances. From Joel Bowman at

(Source: Getty Images)

Joel Bowman, surveying the situation today from Buenos Aires, Argentina…

Welcome to another Sunday Session, dear reader, that time of the week when we gather at the virtual saloon to solve the world’s problems, one copa de bonarda at a time…

We jest, of course. It takes a humble public servant to actually believe he/she/they can make the whole world a better place… and to do so at everyone else’s expense.

The best we mere citizens can hope for is to put one pant leg on at a time and one foot in front of the other. Small victories. Speaking of which, we hear our American readers are readying for the big game later today, baking quail egg cookies and such, if we understand Dan correctly…

We have no idea who’s in the match, what the pitch conditions are like, or which team is favored to score the most runs, but we wish everyone a fair contest all the same. (Just kidding. Go team!)

Meanwhile, the cost of this year’s Super Bowl party might come as something of a shock. Analysis by the serious-sounding team at warns us to “get ready for the spending equivalent of being sacked for a 15-yard loss.”

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2 responses to “The Dreaded D-Word, by Joel Bowman

  1. Lovejoy Antiques

    I miss the ol’ G Gordon Liddy commercials of the postage stamp sized dollar.
    How it has shrunk in value since Tricky Dick Nixon took the USA off of the gold standard.
    Antique dealer parents showed me the old money with the gold message on it as a lil’ shaver.


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