Being A Placeholder Isn’t Enough, by Paul Rosenberg

How many people in their older years look back and say, “Is that there is?” From Paul Rosenberg at

Everything “normal” in the Western system trains you to be a placeholder: You are expected to attend the schools to which you’re assigned and complete the necessary programs. By doing that, you can attain a nice slot in the big machine. Then you’ll function in that general capacity, probably for many years. This is called success.

You’ll be able to get car loans, a house loan and possibly even 2.1 children. And then, when you’re too old or sick to continue, the machine will drop you out and a new person will be called in to fill your slot. A few years later you’ll die and a few people will say nice things about you. You will have been a placeholder, perhaps a mildly rewarded one, but that’s all.

It ain’t enough.

We are unlimited beings. All of us can create willfully; all of us are geared for transcendence. It’s a crime – a sin against the universe – to hold such creatures within fixed roles. And make no mistake, the entire, fear-driven conformity complex exists precisely to hold you in a non-threatening state, unable to consider any other possibility.

That’s Too Dramatic”

Sadly, this isn’t too dramatic a characterization: What people actually do falls horrifyingly short of what they’re capable of doing. Pretty much every thinker of note has seen that much. We have a long, long way to go… a long way to grow. And being a placeholder keeps us away from most of it.

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