“Objects” Aloft, by William Gudal

SLL contributor William Gudal surmises that the objects were for target practice. From Gudal:

Like thoroughbred racehorses at the starting line, bursting with excitement and anxious for the clang of the opening gates, the U.S. Military and its vast supporting empire must be foaming at the mouth, frustrated at not yet being allowed to sink its fangs into  rich Ukranian targets. A restless military is a dangerous military and inclined to stir up mischief. Better to keep them occupied.

I have a theory about the four “objects” that have been shot down by F-22 fighters over the United States and Canada during the past seven days. Somewhere in the northern Pacific Ocean a ship is launching these objects in order to provide target practice for otherwise idle fighter pilots. Many objectives are achieved. The boredom of non-combat military life is eased somewhat. The skills of the pilots, the flight crews and the damage assessment teams are sharpened. With America’s spiritual Polestar, the “Super” Bowl, about to sink over the horizon, this shooting gallery saga nicely distracts from a whole host of societal ills, including inflated price horrors encountered on a trip to the supermarket.

I think Voltaire would have loved my scenario. In the current Mad Hatter’s Tea Party world I sometimes try to look at today’s wackiness through the lens of Voltaire’s vision. Alive today he would be overwhelmed with the unlimited choice of absurd subject matter. Voltaire was a giant intellect who had the courage and the ability to see through nonsense perhaps better than anyone in history.

Whatever the outcome of Balloongate, you can be assured that any actual facts doled out to the public will be washed and rinsed and not capable of being authenticated. We have this, just move along now.


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