fundamental humans rights (unless we decide to use them for leverage), by el gato malo

When the government recognizes your “right” to something from the government, they violate someone else’s right to their own income to provide it, and they can take it away when they want, regardless of your supposed right. From el gato malo at

a tour of towering hypocrisy

it’s a funny thing about the authoritarian left: they speak in grand platitudes about fundamental human rights to all manner of things from speech to healthcare to education. they proclaim “my body my choice” and “human dignity” as foundational tenets.

and yet the minute they want something, this all goes out the window. what was moments before the axis mundi of moral society is now a point of leverage to arm twist you into submission to their demands as object lesson # 33,971 is applied on that most structural of power symmetries:

a government powerful enough to give you everything you want is also powerful enough to take everything you have.

what 5 minutes ago was the very intrinsic essence of your allegedly inalienable entitlement as a human is now theirs to withhold until you comply.

how many more lessons are you going to need before you wake up and smell the soy-child demagogue?


the people pushing these intrusions are deeply fascist and totalitarian. they have dreams of dictatorship.

note that this request for pervasive “papers please” (absent the please) is not “offered” nor sold as desirable.

it is simply demanded.

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