Russia-Ukraine War 2.0: First Tanks, Then F16s. Where Does This End? By Jonathan Cook

Let’s just cut right to the chase and give Ukraine some nukes to toss around. From Jonathan Cook at

Increasingly, the war looks more like a feature than a bug of Washington’s post-Cold War planning

Almost as soon as major NATO countries, led by the US, promised to supply Ukraine with battle tanks, the cry went up warning that tanks alone would be unlikely to turn the war’s tide against Russia.

The subtext – the one western leaders hope their publics will not notice – is that Ukraine is struggling to hold the line as Russia builds up its troop numbers and pounds Ukrainian defenses.

A permanent partition of Ukraine into two opposed blocs – one more pro-Russian, the other more pro-NATO – is looking ever more likely.

Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, has not been shy in telling the West what he expects next: fighter jets, especially US-made F16s.

Kyiv is keen to break what western media have termed a “taboo” by getting NATO aircraft directly involved in the Ukraine war. There is a good reason for that taboo: the use of such jets would let Ukraine expand the battlefield into Russian skies, and implicate Europe and the US in its offensive.

But why assume the West’s taboo on supplying combat jets is really any stronger than its former taboo on sending NATO battle tanks to Ukraine? As one European official observed in a Politico article: “Fighters are completely inconceivable today, but we might have this discussion in two, three weeks.”

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