Disney Officially Loses Control Of Reedy Creek Development In Landslide Florida Senate Vote, by Tyler Durden

Disney’s foray into politics in support of leftist, woke causes turnout out disastrously. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

Last year Disney waged political war with the state of Florida and Governor Ron DeSantis and has suffered an overwhelming defeat.  The company has officially lost control of their Reedy Creek Development – First devised as an unprecedented agreement with Disney to allow it to act unilaterally in business development within the 25,000 acre park with limited government oversight.  The decision to dissolve Reedy Creek’s original management was finalized after a landslide senate vote this week to appoint a new governing board.

Disney has stated that it does not plan to fight the state ruling in court, probably because they know it is a losing battle. The new entity, dubbed the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District, will be operated by a five-member board appointed by DeSantis and confirmed by the state Senate.  The move effectively gives DeSantis power over operations including collecting taxes.

Disney World is set to rely even more on its theme park revenues as its movies and streaming service continue to flounder.

The entertainment behemoth engaged in a fight with the Florida citizenry and DeSantis in early 2022 over Bill HB 1557 (The Parental Rights In Education Bill) which was signed into law last March.  The law prevents Florida public schools from targeting young children and teaching gender identity ideology or sexualized propaganda; it also requires that teachers inform parents of their lesson plans and subject matter for Grades K-3.

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One response to “Disney Officially Loses Control Of Reedy Creek Development In Landslide Florida Senate Vote, by Tyler Durden

  1. Steamboat Willie

    Big Backers will keep them afloat and grifters can always get some of that free printing press fiat from Uncle Sugar.
    Governors and 10th amendment are the key, use them wisely.


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