A Look Back at When They Fought Back, by Eric Peters

Once upon a time, corporations weren’t so supine before the government. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

There was a time when the car companies pushed back against government regulations, because in those days, the car companies were still reflexively in the habit of thinking of the preferences of their customers – rather than “compliance” – first.

This was before the car companies got Too Big To Fail – and wound up becoming, for all intents and purposes, adjuncts of the government so enmeshed with it that pushing back against it has become as unthinkable as CNN’s “reporters” asking impertinent questions about Pfizer, which “sponsors” its own favorable coverage.

It was different, once.

It is worth remembering – before everyone forgets.

One such memory is of pushback by the car companies against the governmental decree that all new cars have speedometers that registered no higher than 85 MPH – the government’s idea being that if speedometers didn’t register any higher, people would not drive any faster. At the time, the National Maximum Speed Limit – as it was styled – limited how fast anyone could legally drive to just 55 miles-per-hour. Thus, 85 MPH became what  55 MPH probably felt like to people who were driving Model Ts back in the 1920s.

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