why eliminating the FDA and CDC would probably make the public safer, by el gato malo

The marketplace and the flow of information have always been the best regulators. From el gato malo at boriquagato.substack.com:

A false sense of safety is more dangerous than knowing you’re at risk

i’ve used this analogy before, but it remains germane, so bear with me while i frame this:

playing NFL football is dangerous.

playing NFL football without a helmet (when everyone else has one) would be far more dangerous.

but most dangerous of all is this: playing while THINKING you have a helmet when in fact you do not.

that is going to get you killed.

like, immediately.

even if you had no helmet, knowing it would change the way you behaved, the risks you took. maybe you wouldn’t play at all.

but thinking you’re protected when you are not? that’s how you make your very last bad choice…

having a fake helmet made of paper mâché is a literal recipe for quadriplegia.

pretty much anyone can see that.

and yet oddly, very few people seem willing or able to rotate this shape and ask “hey, are our regulatory agencies maybe working just like that?”

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One response to “why eliminating the FDA and CDC would probably make the public safer, by el gato malo

  1. There is no ‘probably, ‘about it. Getting rid of all of these regulatory bodies would make people much safer.


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