Putin’s speech and what it means. By Guiseppe Filotto

Remarkably for a politician, Vladimir Putin is pretty much a straight shooter. From Guiseppe Filotto at gfilotto.com:

Read the whole thing here, direct from the Kremlin, because I would not trust a single Western Media source with telling me the sky is blue at this point.

In essence, however, Putin is doing simply what I stated Russia was and would continue to do, back in October 2022 (well, long before that, but I spelt it out on this blog for the masses then).

And that is: Using verifiable facts (aka known as truth) as their propaganda. Is EVERYTHING Russia says on the level? Maybe not. I am sure some tiny elements here and there might be actual propaganda, but by and large, what Putin says is pretty closely related to the reality of facts, events and objective observations of reality.

In the long term, especially when you are dealing with actual missiles and guns and flying bullets, that kind of “propaganda” is invincible.

Because even the retarded norms start to see it after a while.

Here is a small excerpt of his speech.

The recent Munich Conference turned into an endless stream of accusations against Russia. One gets the impression that this was done so that everyone would forget what the so-called West has been doing over the past decades. They were the ones who let the genie out of the bottle, plunging entire regions into chaos.

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