A Fantasy of Angelic, US Omnipotence, by Bruce Fein

Ah, to be a citizen of the only perfect nation on the planet, the only perfect nation in history. From Bruce Fein at consortiumnews.com:

Bruce Fein says Robert Kagan is convinced the U.S. has yet to metamorphose the world into paradise because of insufficient appreciation of its omnipotence, omniscience and benevolence, as outlined in Kagan’s 2006 neocon book Dangerous Nation.

U.S. personification Columbia in a World War I patriotic poster. (Paul Stahr, Herbert Hoover Library, National Archives and Records Administration, Public domain)

If you love fairy tales with happy endings, you’ll swoon over Robert Kagan’s Dangerous Nation’s fictional portrayal of America’s foreign policy from its earliest days to the dawn of the 20th century as a chivalrous aspiration or quest to bring Camelot to every corner of the globe.

The narrative veers from truth like the geocentric theory of the universe veers from the heliocentric.

According to Kagan, the gravitational pull of America’s foreign policy has always been a selfless giving and risking that last full measure of devotion to bring foreigners enlightened self-government and prosperity.  

The author posits that Americans uniquely enjoy angelic DNA.  They weep like Niobe upon witnessing foreigners groaning under oppression and eagerly champion American military intervention, i.e., the legalization of first-degree murder, to alleviate or end their misery.

Cervantes’ Don Quixote is put to shame.  Americans, Kagan insinuates will go straight to heaven without the need of an interview with God!

The fabulist nature of Kagan’s story is underscored by the heartlessness Americans were displaying at home over lynchings, white male supremacy, subjugation of Native Americans and rampant racism while purportedly acting like fairy godmothers abroad up to 1900. 

The tale is as implausible as if the anti-Christ in Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Simon Legree, volunteered to fight to emancipate slaves in Cuba or Brazil.

Kagan is convinced that the United States has yet to metamorphose the world into paradise because of insufficient appreciation of its omnipotence, omniscience and benevolence in exhibiting every noble instinct of the human heart. (Was someone asleep at the switch in composing the book title conveying the opposite impression?)

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