A Measure of How Left the Right Has Become, by Eric Peters

Republicans bitch about statist depredations just before they accept and defend them. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

Maybe you listened to the Orange Man’s speech at CPAC the other day. I stopped listening after about ten minutes, which is about how long it took for the man to defend Social Security – and promise to keep it going.

“We’re not going back to people that want to destroy our great Social Security system,” intoned the Duce, reincarnated.

Could there be a sadder barometer of just how far to the Left what’s left of the Right has travelled?

Social Security is the Left’s greatest single legislative achievement – next to the income tax and the “Federal” (sic) Reserve system, which gave control of the nation’s money supply to the bankers who have used both the Left and the Right to further their schemes since at least the time of Andrew Jackson and probably a lot longer.

SS established in law the principle of the Left that we are literally – legally – our brother’s keeper. Or rather, that our brothers – so to speak – keep us. Chained. Us to them and them to us, forever. By dint of existing, everyone is entitled – precisely the right word – to a monthly government check in their retirement. And everyone is obliged to “contribute” to funding this. Not their own retirement; that is something people did (some still manage to) before there was Social Security when being responsible and prudent with one’s money was expected and encouraged – and being responsible for not being prudent and being irresponsible with one’s money had consequences. You are thus obliged to hand over 15 percent of every dollar you earn to finance the retirement benefits of people you never even met, who are retired right now – and then receive alms in your turn, financed by the “contributions” of those you never met who are working after you’ve stopped – and begin collecting.

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One response to “A Measure of How Left the Right Has Become, by Eric Peters

  1. I’m still reeling from the investment in flying cars and building 10 new cities on federal land… I voted for orangeman for both his victories, 16′ & 20′ but his refusal to change course on the VAX and his devotion to Zionism have forced me to part ways with him. MAGA goes forward, with or without orangeman. I’m not sure if he was always wrong headed or if the establishment finally got to him, either my vote is no longer his, maybe no ones.


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