The Collapse of SVB Portends Real Dangers, by Jeffrey A. Tucker

The real danger is a world that has between debt, unfunded liabilities, and derivatives at least 12 times its GDP. The world has never been more indebted, and the blame lies with fiat currencies and fiat debt. It’s immaterial whether SVB or something else sets off the chain reaction; the chain reaction and resultant debt explosion are inevitable. From Jeffrey A. Tucker at The Epoch Times via

Thus far in this 3-year fiasco of mismanagement and corruption, we’ve avoided a financial crisis. That’s for specific reasons. We just had not traveled there in the trajectory of the inevitable. Are we there yet? Maybe. In any case, the speed of change is accelerating. All that awaits is to observe the extent of the contagion.

The failure of the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), $212 billion in assets until only recently, is a huge mess and a possible foreshadowing. Its fixed-rate bond holdings declined rapidly in market valuation due to changed market conditions. Its portfolio crashed further due to a depositor run. And it all happened in less than a few days.

It’s all an extension of Fed policy to curb inflation, reversing a 13-year zero-rate policy. This of course pushed up rates in the middle and right side of the yield curve, devaluing existing bond holdings locked into older rate patterns. Investors noticed and then depositors too. The high-flying institution that specialized in providing liquidity in industries that have lost their luster suddenly found itself very vulnerable.

In addition, the bank was exposed with a portfolio of collateralized mortgage obligations and mortgage-backed securities. But with rates rising, those are coming under stress too as high leverage in housing and real estate become untenable amidst falling valuations. Borrowers are finding themselves under water and that in turn adds to stress on lenders.

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One response to “The Collapse of SVB Portends Real Dangers, by Jeffrey A. Tucker

  1. Another from Zero Hedge after Signature Bank was closed.
    (Almost a quote->)Fed panics; another taxpayer funded bailout coming – and a guaranteed end to the Fed’s rate hikes and potential return of QE, Formation of Bank Team Funding Program:


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