the glorification of sub-mediocrity, by el gato malo

And the sub-mediocrities shall inherit the earth . . . well, its governments. From el gato malo at

why woke, ESG, and DEI are so seductive to weak leaders

one of the most ineffacable truisms of organizational structure is this:

A’s hire A’s and B’s hire C’s.

it’s just basic human nature. excellence seeks to surround itself with excellence that it may achieve and mediocrity seeks to surround itself with sub-mediocrity that it may prevent itself from being supplanted.

there is nothing mediocrity fears more than excellence. it’s how you get turfed out of the cushy gig you do not really merit. positions of power are slippery and when you have one that consciously or merely instinctively you know that you do not deserve and are not truly qualified for, the last thing you want is some high caliber competitor coming up behind you, showing you up, and taking your chair.

A’s don’t sweat this because competing is what they do. but B’s live in terror of it. and this is why the B’s and C’s love “woke”, ESG, and DEI:

these alleged philosophies of inclusion are, in fact, ideologies of exclusion.

and what they seek to exclude is excellence and meritocracy.

it’s the literal point of the practice and it’s the reason that so many weakling leaders gravitate to them: it’s job security for the unqualified wrapped up in a neat little philosophy that makes self-serving nepotism and plunder look like virtue.

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One response to “the glorification of sub-mediocrity, by el gato malo

  1. Slack against the machine.
    Some hail the Church of Subgenius.


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