The Sea Gypsy Tribe Encyclopedia

Escaping the woes that beset humanity in a sailboat somewhere in the South Pacific doesn’t sound too bad. From Ray Jason at

For more than a decade I have been promoting a concept that I call The Sea Gypsy Tribe. The idea is that Humanity is living in an increasingly chaotic world with the possibility of extreme catastrophes looming just beyond the stormy horizon.

I firmly believe that the best way to escape from any type of emergency, is in a well-prepared, ocean-capable sailboat, along with a small group of like-minded sailors in their boats. During the last 10 years at my blog, in about a dozen essays, I have carefully described various disasters and then explained how sailing vessels can effectively respond to them.

My sincere hope is that none of us ever have to deal with such extreme situations. It would be terrific if none of us ever had to react to a currency collapse or a cyber attack or a balloon armed with an EMP! But a wise, old mariner once advised me to “Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst!”

Since I receive inquiries from cruisers all around the world, I decided to collate together the many reasons that I believe the sea gypsy life is ideal in shielding one from natural or human-caused disasters.

Therefore, I am creating this Sea Gypsy Tribe Encyclopedia. It will be spread out across a few essays. Initially, I will randomly choose the topics for discussion, but eventually, they will all be alphabetized like an encyclopedia. But don’t be alarmed – it will not be some massive tome. Instead, it will be a longish essay divided into a few segments. Let’s begin!

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3 responses to “The Sea Gypsy Tribe Encyclopedia

  1. It’s an attractive idea, until you begin wondering how to make a living … without being dependent upon the very Systems which you are trying to escape.

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  2. Hi Bob,

    Plenty of young people and families are working under the table doing boat trade skills like sail-making, canvas repair, diesel mechanics etc. Plus, the normal service trade options. One of my Tribe members sharpens knives and fills propane tanks with a gravity rig.

    If the shit really hits the fan then its fishing the sea, foraging the shore and catching rainwater. These are all possible for a rank amateur. Land-based farming is less so.

    Hope this helps.

    Ray Jason


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