‘Warfighting Imperative’: Navy Plans To Increase Climate Spending Nearly 40% In 2024, by Micaela Burrow

That’ll take out those Chinese in the war the U.S. is threatening. From Micaela Burrow at dailycaller.com:


(Photo by ARIANA DREHSLER/AFP via Getty Images

The Navy wants Congress to fund an additional $397 million in climate change resiliency programs in 2024, including money for electric vehicles and solar microgrids, according to budget plans revealed Monday.

If Congress grants the funding, total Navy and Marine Corps spending on climate-related programs, such as energy, installation resiliency, disaster preparedness and research and development in fiscal year 2024 will top $1.47 billion compared to $1 billion in FY 2023, according to budget documents (p. 131). The Navy says the plan “increases climate change resiliency by 39%” and supports its objective in “strengthening maritime dominance in order to defend the nation,” documents show.

“It is a national security and warfighting imperative for the [Department of the Navy] to address the impact of climate change on readiness, operations, and the ability to fight and win,” the budget highlights document states. (RELATED: Long Awaited US-Australia Submarine Pact Promises To Be A Windfall For American Defense Contractors: REPORT)

Rising shores and extreme temperatures that contribute to harsh coastal weather, seen as associated with man-made climate change, pose a serious risk to Navy and Marine Corps personnel, weapons and bases globally, according to the documents.

The Navy’s proposed budget includes funding to lease electric vehicles for non-tactical uses, construct EV charging stations and install various power-saving and backup equipment on department installations, the documents show. It also sets aside money for carbon sequestration projects, meant to restore natural environments meant to capture and store carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

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One response to “‘Warfighting Imperative’: Navy Plans To Increase Climate Spending Nearly 40% In 2024, by Micaela Burrow

  1. Green Giant Uber Alles

    The goal of the CPUSA branch of the Uniparty is to blow the debt up to around 40 trillion.
    Spending by any means necessary will bring about the Weimar Wipeout.
    Long March comrades care not one whit about the environment or humanity.


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