Crossing the Calchaqui, by Bill Bonner

Simply kill off the poor. From Bill Bonner at

Plus, a few words for the preppers, alarmists and deniers alike…

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Bill Bonner, reckoning today from San Martin, Argentina…

“I was thinking maybe instead of building houses, we could live in tepees because it’s better in a lot of ways”

~ Richie Norris, Mars Attack

The dreaded ‘climate change’ is upon us already.

We drove from our farm in the Calchaqui Valley up to Salta, taking our daughter and her husband back to the airport. All along the way, the roads were ‘feo,’ ugly.  In many places, mud covered the road. In others, the road was washed out, forcing us to back up and find a way around the chasm that the water had opened up.

That this was ‘odd’ barely begins to describe the oddity of it. In our area, we say it ‘never rains.’ That was always an exaggeration. But with annual rainfall of less than 2 inches, “never” is within the range of normal linguistic tolerances.

And now…suddenly, it is raining! It is raining so much that the grass is greener than ever…and the roads are practically impassible.

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