ChatGPT Renamed Woke 9000, by Good Citizen

ChatGPT is evolving into regurgitated propaganda. From Good Citizen at

A year spent in artificial intelligence is enough to make one believe in God.

— Alan Perlis

The digital artifices keep churning out “more efficient” and “more productive” utilities. Their missionaries claim none of them are a threat to humans in one breath while acknowledging in the next breath that AI text bots will displace millions of human jobs within the next few years. The big machine stealing the limelight is ChatGPT, OpenAI’s text and propaganda curator purchased by Microsoft.

Having dabbled with ChatGPT for a few weeks it’s become clear, and not at all unexpected, that this machine will only regurgitate the official and approved narratives that it has been programmed to churn. Outside of incontrovertible hard facts, the system collapses under the robotic rhetoric of establishment pols in the District of Corruption.

It confesses that it is programmed to pilfer only WEF-sanctioned “reliable sources” and “reputable sources” which all simply refer to approved corporate-state fluff germinated by Intel-pig controlled media colluding with Big Tech Monopolies.

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