Let them eat bugs! by John Klar

Nothing spices up a meal like a bowl of cockroaches. From John Klar at americanthinker.com:

The World Economic Forum is now the self-designated world-saver — not only from climate change, but also from global starvation.  The rationale employed is that climate change is paramount, agriculture is a major culprit, and cows and other livestock are really terrible, so the WEF will embrace insects (and technologies that create fake meat) to replace them.  Cows will disappear, while billionaires profit and dominate global food supplies.

This scam is reminiscent of saving humanity from a disease created in a lab using vaccines that don’t work but profit billionaires and consolidate global totalitarianism.  Or perhaps it reeks of inflaming fears of fabricated climate Armageddon from which globalists will rescue humanity by raping the planet of scarce natural resources to manufacture solar panels and EVs in China, accelerating pollution while amassing huge profits for select corporations.  To, you know, save the children and all.

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