Urban, Elite White Woman Imagines She’s Just LikeHenry Fonda in ‘12 Angry Men’, by Julie Kelly

Nobody will ever understand the torment this poor woman went through. From Julie Kelly at amgreatness.com:

The D.C. juror in one of the Oath Keepers’ trials admits, “I was shocked beyond belief that I was chosen.” We should be outraged.

Ellen, like so many residents of Washington, D.C., believes January 6 was an horrific attack on American democracy.

In a recent interview with C-SPAN founder Brian Lamb, Ellen—no last name given—twice referred to the Capitol protest as an “insurrection.” She told Lamb, her longtime former colleague at the network, that she was “horrified” by what happened that day. “As a citizen of this city, as a citizen of this country, as someone who worked for C-SPAN for 32 years—I thought it was horrendous. I thought it was just horrible. It was just devastating.”

She continued: “Our Capitol was attacked, police were attacked, people were killed, people were hurt. It was a really bad thing.”

One might logically assume that such prejudice would instantly disqualify Ellen from serving on a jury for a case involving individuals facing charges for their participation in January 6. Further, the fact Ellen at the time worked for a cable network that covers Congress and aired the events of January 6 as they unfolded that day, also might have prompted her immediate dismissal from the prospective jury pool in a rational world.

But that didn’t happen. With dozens of January 6 trials ongoing and still pending in a city populated nearly exclusively by Trump-hating Democrats, judges and defense attorneys have few options in terms of seating an unbiased jury, let alone a jury of a defendant’s peers. (Particularly when every judge has denied every change-of-venue motion in every case.)

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One response to “Urban, Elite White Woman Imagines She’s Just LikeHenry Fonda in ‘12 Angry Men’, by Julie Kelly

  1. the featured individual is precisely what is wrong with this nation and, coincidentally, reveals why division is mandatory.

    i certainly do not want to live in the same nation as this fool and those who agree with her. it seems at least half the nation agrees, as well, so let’s divide and let each part go its own way.


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