when nudges become shoves, by el gato malo

If you trust us, we promise not to lie to you again. From el gato malo at boriquagato.com:

here comes the next stage of manipulation (as if there had been any doubt) and it’s time to protect doctor patient relationships from regulators.

jeez, this meme sure is evergreen.

because they are at it again and it really does take a special sort of crew to respond to “no one trusts us because we lie all the time” with “so let’s lie some more until they start trusting us again.”

yessirree bob it does.

this delightful program is the misanthropic mixing of psychology and behavioral economics into what can only be described as propaganda for hire.

and once more we see the government funding “private” actors to do the dirty-work of social manipulation. this really does seem to be under every single rock one looks under. team “scary poppins” is everywhere.

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One response to “when nudges become shoves, by el gato malo

  1. Hesitancy is a lovely word. Every creature is hesitant in the face of a possible threat. that pause is when you assess whether the situation is safe or dangerous. Over-riding hesitancy is the signature of con-artists. An honest response to hesitancy would be the full provision of all relevant knowledge including disputing information. After all, no human being is infallible. And we all have autonomy and personal responsibility, not being slaves.


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