how to slay a magic word cult, by el gato malo

Optimism from the blogging cat. From el gato malo at

and the reason the collapse of woke is going to be far faster and more pervasive than people think.

i always seem to get quite a lot of pushback on my claims that “the woke worm is turning” but i am getting more convinced by the day that this is so and the really steep part of the exponential is coming.

and then the scores can really change.

a basic framework to consider:

people are just deeply, passionately bone weary of woke. it’s been far too much for far too long and just about none of it seems sympathetic, reasonable, or even tolerable anymore.

the reason it was able to persist for so long was ruthless, relentless, and instant cancel culture. speak up, you’re gang tackled off the stage by people screaming “racist,” “sexist,” “privilege,” “phobic,” and “safety.”

your speech is hate and their hate is tolerance.

the whole world was made a safe space for oppressive, dictatorial hallucinations masquerading as world views and exclusion oriented tyranny of the other side doing business as inclusive big love fluffy bunny pluralism.

until this unified edifice started showing cracks, it was very successful in essentially acting like an abusive spouse: coercion, intimidation, physical and emotional abuse, projection, making you feel unsafe while blaming it on you for making them feel unsafe, gaslighting, and endlessly doing to you exactly what they claim you are doing to them and claiming victim status so that when they attack you it’s “see what you made me do?”

this stuff is textbook.

and it unravels the same way.

take it from your kitty godmother:

the picosecond it started being OK to call it out, woke was over.

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