My family was massacred on my wedding day. I hold the US in part responsible, by Ayman Mohamed Saleh Al Sanabani

The unimaginable horror of it all. From Ayman Mohamed Saleh Al Sanabani at

Until Biden fulfills his promise to end arm sales to the Saudis, the US and its largest defense contractors are complicit in war crimes

My wedding should have been filled with the usual range of wonderful emotions – excitement, trepidation, joy, anxiety and love. Instead, it was marked by terror, devastation and loss.

The night of 5 October 2015 began so beautifully as my two brothers and I each prepared to wed our brides from nearby villages. We, our families and our guests came together at my uncle’s house, which had been transformed for the festivities: large tents were set up, delicious smells wafting in the breeze. The brides arrived in a 30-car caravan with honking horns, blaring music and cheering heralding their arrival, before gathering with relatives inside one of the houses.

Without warning, the joyful sounds of celebration were overcome first by the deafening roar of airplanes, then by the pierce of a missile through the air, then a bone-rattling boom. The sky turned red. I closed my eyes. Everything stopped.

Unimaginable horrors greeted me when I opened my eyes. Mangled bodies lay around the courtyard. One missile struck the house where our wives-to-be had gathered with relatives, many of them just children. Those who could still stand began frantically digging through the rubble for their loved ones in spite of the risk that another strike could be imminent. Strangled voices cried out – those who were trapped beneath, those who lay dying and those who were desperate to salvage a scrap of hope in the wreckage.

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