Pentagon Leaked Papers Are Probably Fake. So Who’s Behind Them? By Martin Jay

Who’s behind the leaked papers and what are they trying to accomplish? From Martin Jay at

We should be cautious about authenticating these documents because no one has either confirmed their authenticity or dismissed them entirely as fake.

In World War II, Winston Churchill said that ‘in wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.’ Could this infamous quotation be one we should remember when we watch U.S. news outlets reporting on the bombshell leak lately supposedly from the Pentagon, which dominated western news for a few days in mid-April?

Or, put a different way, are the Americans taking us all for a ride and pretending that the leak is genuine and therefore encouraging media to examine every minutia of the documents in the hope that many of the nuggets are reported as facts?

We should be cautious about authenticating these documents. Not simply because Whitehouse spokesman John Kirby went to such lengths to tell journalists they shouldn’t present the essence of the information contained in them, in their articles. But more because no one has come forward and neither confirmed their authenticity or dismissed them entirely as fake. Of course if it entirely plausible that they were prepared and collated into one colossal tome by the cabal of fake news charlatans in Kiev as it is very much to Zelensky’s advantage to scare European leaders into speeding up their weapons deliveries (as there is much details about what Kiev has and what is needed on the battlefield).

The genius of planting fake news of course is to follow Churchill’s adage or rather the essence of it recto verso. Surround it with truth. And this may be the case with these documents as their claims about Middle Eastern countries having closer and closer relations with Russia is hardly the polemic which is presented to us by, say, The Washington Post which thundered a headline about Egypt’s Sisi ‘planning’ to send Russia missiles. Sisi may well have been thinking about this but is this really news?

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