Charge Lines, by Eric Peters

For those of us who were around in the 1970s, imagine the infamous gas lines . . . on steroids, when EVs become the order of the day. From Eric Peters at

Back in the ’70s, there were gas lines – caused by gas shortages. Which were caused not by a shortage of gas but by politics. The federal government annoyed the foreign powers that controlled much of the world’s supply of oil via the cartel called OPEC – the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries – many of which were Arabic. Richard Nixon’s policies regarding them (and Israel) were met by the Arabs with embargoes, which led to the shortages – and the lines.

These often stretched around the block. People sat for hours to get some gas – sometimes running out of gas while they waited to get it.

How long will people be waiting for a charge?

It could be even longer – and in more than just the obvious sense.

That being it always – and necessarily – takes longer to charge an electric car than it does to fuel up a gas (or diesel) powered car. Even if there isn’t a line, you will get to wait. Fifteen minutes at the least – for a little charge. You might get 80 percent charge after about thirty minutes at the “fastest” chargers.

That’s a long time to have to wait, unless you’re in no hurry to get to work. Or home. Or wherever you need to be.

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