Beware Perfidious Albion as Britain Takes Lead Role in War Provocation, by Finian Cunningham

Britain wants to light the fuse that will blow up into a general war centered in, but not confined to, Ukraine. From Finian Cunningham at

The tensions over the NATO proxy war in Ukraine with Russia are a powder-keg situation. And the British dirty-tricks brigade are the past masters that merit being closely watched.

The much-vaunted Anglo-American “special relationship” is gaining a new dubious meaning as Britain emerges as an adept agent provocateur for inciting a wider NATO war against Russia.

Warmongering British lawmakers are this week demanding a more robust NATO response over an alleged “act of war” by Russia involving a Royal Air Force spy plane and a Russian fighter jet.

Recent documents leaked from the Pentagon have indicated that a British recon plane was nearly shot down by a Su-27 over the Black Sea. Following the incident last September, the British Ministry of Defense played down the encounter as a “technical malfunction”.

It appears now, however, that the British RC-135 spy plane was fired on by the Russian jet, but that the missile missed. It may have been a deliberate warning shot as the British surveillance aircraft is understood to have been near the Russian territory of Crimea. The British and the Americans are supplying the Kiev regime forces with targeting information. So Russia is arguably entitled to take defensive measures against belligerents, as it did when an American MQ Reaper drone was intercepted last month over the Black Sea. The U.S. has reportedly restricted its surveillance flights in the area since that incident.

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One response to “Beware Perfidious Albion as Britain Takes Lead Role in War Provocation, by Finian Cunningham

  1. The former West is already conquered from within by quisling traitors who aren’t out to win any world war.
    Order out of chaos is how the Great Reset Leap Forward works.
    There won’t be any vote on WWIII but at least the egalitarian equity and mean tweet free zone is achieved in a 7500 degree mushroom cloud.


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