Headed Our Way? By Eric Peters

Less freedom for you, more control for the government is the not-so-hidden motive behind every so-called emergency of the last few decades. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

You might consider it a clue that almost literally every “crisis” of the past 30 years – and the “solutions” tendered by those who insist there is a “crisis” – further consolidates the power of the government-corporate nexus and corrodes whatever nominal “freedom” still remains to us. Most of which amounts to – per George Carlin – being “free” to choose Pepsi rather than Coke.

We are no longer free to travel. On the road, we may be stopped arbitrarily – for literally no reason at all, beyond a generic assertion that there might be a “drunk” about. Not you, specifically – nor anyone else, specifically. Just a kind of archetype of “drunk” – who could be anyone. Thus, everyone must be presumed a “drunk” until each one proves they are not.

This regime was imposed because of an asserted “crisis” of “drunk” driving.

It is true there were some “drunk” drivers. It is just as true today, notwithstanding  all the laws forbidding it – and the “checkpoints” searching for it. The difference now is we are all “drunks,” even if we’ve had nothing to drink. Our former freedom to be presumed sober – and left in peace to go about our business – crumpled up and thrown in the trash like a  used Kleenex.  Instead of having to worry about the slight chance of our being run into by a drunk, we must worry about the much greater chance of running into armed government workers, who have been relieved of their former obligation to adduce probable cause before they have any lawful reason to stop us, examine us and interrogate us.

We are no longer free to travel – by air.

Having successfully established the principle that there is no right to travel by car unmolested, even in the absence of probable cause to suspect some offense has been committed, it was easy enough to expand the principle to encompass travel by air, where being “drunk” is immaterial as you are not flying the plane.

But you might be a “terrorist.”

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