a friendly reminder about “experts”, by el gato malo

The next time you’re tempted to trust an expert, think Anthony Fauci. From el gato malo at boriquagato.substack.com:

and why they deserve to have lost our trust

self-styled “experts” are always very sure of themselves, but most of their advice ages like a fish head i once left under the sofa.

(and never actually made sense in the first place as this is basically impossible.)

and when it all goes sideways, they will then duck the blame and claim they never said that or go full “shaggy defense” and claim that it “wasn’t them.”

they’ll tell you “mistakes were made” and act like it was unavoidable.

the NYT puff piece out today trying to play at “even handed” is a hilarity of such.

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One response to “a friendly reminder about “experts”, by el gato malo

  1. Welcome To CostCo I Love You

    Unelected council rule by “expert” esteemed party member apparatchiks is the model for the global soviet.
    Muh credentials and bulk white lab coat buy from Costco are not impressive.
    The party will only look out for its members and all others are to be discarded by any means necessary.


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