If You Can’t Beat Him In The Ratings, by Good Citizen

Good Citizen tries to untangle the threads of the Tucker Carlson exit from Fox. From Good Citizen at thegoodcitizen.live:

CIA’s Dominion, Smartmatic, and Mockingbird Media partners finally sink Tucker Carlson with help on the inside from fired ex-producer Abby Grossberg: “Anti-Semitism! Misogyny!”

Ex-Fox News Producer Says of Network: 'They Destroy People'

Before we kick off this exclusive report by TGC News Inc. preemption is required. Yes, Tucker Carlson applied to work at the CIA in the 1980s, prior to 9-11, during the Cold War, while a broke newlywed and after dropping out of college. Yes, his father worked for Voice of America and the U.S. information agency during the Cold War. No, Tucker was not hired and never worked at the CIA. If you watched his show over the past five years and still think he’s “a CIA shill” or “controlled opposition” I have just one question for you:

  • Why if he was working for the CIA, and he had the highest-rated cable TV show for three years running, and he was doing his job as “controlled opposition” was his ousting just orchestrated by the…CIA, their election machine front company, and their Mockingbird media allies?

No further questions your honor.

The Dominion lawsuit against Fox News goes much deeper than most people know. The Fox News settlement for $787 million is being spun as a confession of guilt as if their reporting or the statements of their guests were “misinformation” or “lies” about the 2020 stolen election.

Everything Fox News reported, or was stated live on-air by guests about Dominion voting machines and Smartmatic software was true. The settlement now appears to be entirely staged to get them to deny what they reported so that normie Americans who don’t yet know their national elections are a farcical arrangement can say, “Yeah, I knew Fox News was peddling another right-wing conspiracy.”

In the 2020 election, Dominion voting machines were connected to the Internet. That’s all that is required to rig them and manipulate voting results. That’s it.

The most common software used in Dominion machines is Smartmatic or an associated derivative. Dominion’s user guides offer a play-by-play on how they can be controlled and their data altered from halfway around the world.

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One response to “If You Can’t Beat Him In The Ratings, by Good Citizen

  1. There is always a silver lining.
    He is free of Rupert’s sons squad of leftoid wives and the fundamental transformation of FAUX after it is sold off.
    Will he now speak freely about topics that could never be on teevee?


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