Hollywood Movie Quality Expected To Improve Exponentially As Writers Go On Strike

From The Babylon Bee:

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HOLLYWOOD, CA — An inexplicably-unforeseen outcome has begun to take form since Hollywood writers began their writer’s strike to demand more writerly benefits for writers. Newly released movies and shows have improved in quality by exponential levels, packing theaters and raking in huge profits.

Millions of moviegoers have surprised critics by flocking to big screens to see films in which preachiness and intersectionality have been replaced with good storytelling.

“It was pretty jarring at first watching something not composed entirely of cookie-cutter sassy black women and gay dudes,” said renewed moviegoer Michael McHale exiting a theater, “It felt wrong watching a well-written movie at first. But by the end, I was really into it, especially with the totally bonkers twist where the white guy was NOT the bad guy.”

Plus, if rumors are to be believed, the world may soon be able to watch a romantic comedy involving a man and a woman who fall in love.

At publishing time, Disney had announced it would be pausing the release of movies set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe until the strike ended, causing the entire world to cry tears of joy.



One response to “Hollywood Movie Quality Expected To Improve Exponentially As Writers Go On Strike

  1. Welcome To Scotland

    Hopefully. The only things post 2001 in the DVD selection are Skyfall and Hurt Locker.
    When cable first came out it was solid gold and just as grampaw said they will ruin it and keep jacking up the price.
    My first movies watched alone as a youngster on cable were Where Eagles Dare, Excalibur, Escape From New York, The Dogs of War, Das Boot.
    Nothing of that quality will ever be made in the soulless drab I only obey I only conform West CCCP FUSA.


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