no, AI will not “kill 300 million jobs” (sorry media), by el gato malo

If innovation killed more jobs than it created we would all be unemployed by now. From el gato malo at

because technology never works like that

there is an old adage:

  • when strangers lose their jobs, it’s a slowdown.
  • when your neighbor loses their job, it’s a recession.
  • when you lose your job, it’s a depression!

it’s always a calamity when it hits home.

it is therefore worthwhile to consider the source when listening to dire prognostications about technology “killing jobs” because schumpeterian creative destruction is always and everywhere the name of the economic game but this will not stop those currently in the crosshairs from finding it unpleasant and when those people happen to be the ones who “buy ink by the barrel” (or perhaps pixels by the passel?) you can expect an fulsome fusillade of media pearl clutching.

but it’s neither anything new nor anything to worry about.

the literal point of technology is to eliminate jobs.

always was.

how many jobs did the tractor take from famers?

the cotton mill, the dishwasher, the forklift, the stamping press? how many did they take?

the fabric mill, the assembly line, the robot?

and yet we never run out of jobs.

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3 responses to “no, AI will not “kill 300 million jobs” (sorry media), by el gato malo

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  2. To Absurdity and Beyond

    We are saved.
    The Kamal is the “historic” AI Czar!
    Promoted after her world class performance solving the self-inflicted border crisis.
    1000 years of glorious victories to the golden Benetton rainbow world EBT shopping bazaar!
    Forward! Si se puede!


  3. This article reminded me of Milton Freidman’s imfamous qoute to a Chinese moron when he visited China following their limited embrace of freedom9(s).

    Being shown thoua sands of workers with shovels on one of the State’s “modernization” projects, as they laboriously moved the dirt necessary for what was to apparen” rpliedtly become a dam, Friedman asked why China did not purchase hundreds of Caterpillar machines to far more efficently move the dirt?

    The “not-so-great” leader, replying on behalf of the actual “great leader” replied, “we have many unemployed people that we must utilize to do this work.”

    Freidman responded, “why then don’t you replace the shovels with spoons?”


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