Although Scarred by Violence, We Must Not Be Scared Into Silence, by Edward Curtin

If Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. can run for president after his father’s and uncle’s assassinations, the rest of us can also speak out against the evils loose in the world. Speaking out is risky, but keeping quiet is even riskier. From Edward Curtin at

The world has been haunted by human violence since time immemorial. There are untold millions (billions?) of people all over the world who have been scarred by it in all its forms.  There are two basic responses: one is to try to return that violence with violence and defeat one’s enemy; the other is, in Martin Luther King, Jr.’s words, to “not seek to defeat or humiliate the opponent, but to win his friendship and understanding” through a non-violent response.  Politicians usually embrace the former, while those who are called dreamers advocate the latter.

Between these two, there are various mixed responses, with sane political leaders calling for mutual respect between countries and an end to aggressive provocations leading to warfare, such has occurred with the United States provoking the war in Ukraine.

We have entered the time when the destruction of all life on earth through nuclear war is imminent unless a radical transformation occurs.  If the word imminent sounds extreme, it is worth considering that there will be no announcement.  The time to speak up is now.  It is always now.

Great literature speaks to the issue of violence at the deepest levels.

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