Will the Mass Poisoning of Our Skies Cause a Killing Field Effect? By Gary D. Barnett

If they can’t kill us with their vaccine, maybe they’ll get us with chemtrails. From Gary D. Barnett at lewrockwell.com:

“When people look up into the sky and see white trails paralleling and crisscrossing high in the sky, little do they know that they are not seeing ‘condensation’, but instead are witnessing a man-made ‘climate engineering CRISIS’ facing all air-breathing humans and animals on planet earth. These white aircraft spray-trails are the result of scientifically verifiable spraying of aluminum particles and other toxic heavy metals, polymers and chemicals. These toxic atmospheric aerosols are used to alter the weather patterns creating droughts in some regions, and deluges and floods in other locations. Even extreme cold can be created by climate engineering under other conditions. Unfortunately, these unfolding catastrophes are not capturing the attention of America’s citizen nor politicians. Weather warfare has already almost reached beyond possibility of devastation of all mankind and animals. It is that serious, and it is time-limiting.”

Signed: General Charles Jones, Brigadier General, U.S. Air Force.

The term Chemtrails, while accurate, is a common term that has been widely mis-used by the general population and media, certainly by design, in order to discredit all efforts against weather and climate geoengineering, cloud-seeding, and the manufacturing and spraying of chemically-based artificial clouds meant to reflect sunlight, by spraying the atmosphere with chemicals, deadly metals, and toxins. This is, and has been done, for a long time in the false name of ‘protecting us’ from the farcical and fraudulent ‘threat’ of manmade ‘climate change.’ Those who expose this fraud are of course, generally called “conspiracy theorists.” This is most always an unwarranted and rhetorical ad hominem attack on character instead of examining substance; all in order to avoid any discussion of what is a valid subject matter concerning the top-down manipulation of weather, and the poisoning of all living things. There is actually manmade weather engineering, and toxic spraying of metals and chemicals, but that has not occurred due to one driving a car, or taking a trip on a plane, but has been affected by government and military operations. In other words, global warming, global cooling, or the benign term, ‘climate change,’ are intentional acts, and not due simply to human existence and the basic daily functions of life.

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One response to “Will the Mass Poisoning of Our Skies Cause a Killing Field Effect? By Gary D. Barnett

  1. Simple Is Best

    Globalist Internationalist=anti-human depopulationist.
    Trump ended the Open Skies treaty, not that externals were spraying anything, after every square inch of FUSA was reconned.
    Last fall I saw a huge cloud cross in the sky during a full moon but I don’t own a sailfawn (cellphone) digital telescreen GPS tracking device.


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