From King Charles’ Coronation to the Birth of Europe’s Fourth Reich, by Declan Hayes

There is many things that are great about Great Britain, but the new king isn’t one of them. From Declan Hayes at

Let us, who walk on two legs and not four, salute those unsung legions who fell to make this knock-off Caesar appear to be great.

Although MI5’s BBC outlet recently gave us a full roadmap to King Charles 111’s Coronation, this article aims to add further to the festivities by discussing its religious hypocrisy, the charlatans who will be in attendance and its wider strategic significance as midwife to Europe’s Fourth Reich.

First off, former banker and Banderite apologist Justin Welby, who styles himself as the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, will decree that Charles is the boss of bosses, the Don Corleone of their Anglican Cult, and as such, is the Defender of Their Protestant Faith, a title first bestowed on the philandering King Henry V111 by Pope Leo X in 1527, which the Anglican cultists quickly hijacked for their own mercenary reasons. Although that is bad enough, it is their attempt to co-opt other, more genuine and established faiths into their Coronation pantomime that riles me, as it riled Stephen Karganovic.

First off, the BBC tells us that the circus will include “Greek Orthodox music in memory of the King’s father, Prince Philip”, whom the late Princess Diana, Queen of Hearts, dubbed as Phil the Greek. But Phil the Greek abandoned the Faith of his Fathers and, more importantly, of his sainted mother, Princess Alice to embrace, in name at least, the string of high-class Anglican mistresses marrying the late Queen Elizabeth brought him. Though it would be a stretch of the English language to call me a Royalist, I have the profoundest respect for Princess Alice, who can be seen here, dressed in the habit of a Greek Orthodox nun, at the wedding of Queen (then Princess) Elizabeth to her wayward, penniless and generally useless son.

Given Princess Alice’s resistance to Nazis in her native Greece and her support of the Greek Jews and Orthodox Christians during the Nazi Occupation, I have no doubt that she would stand foursquare with the Orthodox faithful of Syria, Ukraine and Jerusalem, where she is buried in its Russian Orthodox Cathedral alongside her aunt, Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna who is a saint in the (Russian) Orthodox Church.

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One response to “From King Charles’ Coronation to the Birth of Europe’s Fourth Reich, by Declan Hayes

  1. Spotted Dick Pudding

    Dank meme-74 year old man finally gets job regarding Charlie.
    NY Post had a hilarious story about a “lawn penis” being mowed into a lawn near the festivities pointing at a building.
    A lot of the trouble going on in the world is due to the fading Paki Kebab shack UK and the banksters do have an autonomous zone in the City of London.


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