Taking on China and Russia

Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Two-front War, by Richard Solomon

The Neocon War Manual, which is right up there with Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, says that if you are faced with an enemy you cannot defeat, make war against another enemy that you also cannot defeat. From Richard Solomon at unz.com:

Waging a two-front war usually ends in defeat. Just ask Hitler.

The US Anglo-Zionist Empire not only faces a two-front war against Russia and China, but as technology entrepreneur, publisher, free speech activist, writer, and journalist Ron Unz pointed out in his article, “Did the Neocons Save the World from the Thucydides Trap,” reckless neocon aggression helped create the Eurasian juggernaut.

Their war crimes aside, old-school arch-globalists like Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger knew the strategic value of keeping Russia and China separated.

If the neocons wanted to take out Russia first, they should have offered China sweet trade deals, reaffirmed their support for the One China policy, and made Emperor President Xi’s birthday a public school holiday.

If China was the big prize, the neocons should have backed Nord Stream 2, promised Russia future NATO membership, and invited President Putin to Disney World.

Instead, the neocons tried to turn money laundering bio lab Ukraine into a NATO missile silo to threaten Russia while simultaneously antagonizing China using Pelosi bat landings and balloon shootdowns in hopes of making Taiwan a second Ukraine.

Like toxic foam that covers the surface of a polluted pond, in a neoliberal kakistocracy, the most venal depraved moronic scum float to the top. In addition, end-stage empires often act irrationally. Both conditions explain current US strategy.

For the record, I’m taking a bit of creative license with the term two-front war. I mean it in the sense of the US taking on a China-Russia united front, and the domestic, international, military, and economic implications that accompany that.

Technically, US vs China-Russia is a global conflict, with proxy wars raging in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and the likely future inclusion of the Latin American and Asian theaters.

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One response to “Taking on China and Russia

  1. Colonel Bat Guano

    It should be a cakewalk with our devastating awe inspiring world conquering rainbow buttplug military.
    Just read that MP40’s, MG42’s and the you better move after a mag dump smoke cloud machine PPSH-41 are in use in Ukraine and even the WW1 Maxim MG is in use with rear guards.
    So where did all the donated equipment go?
    Also read that Russia increased production of just about everything military.
    But, but, but, muh sanctions?
    Saw a headline that Brandon will send troops to Taiwan and CCP/PRC says that will be immediate WAR.


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