The Juice for All That, by Eric Peters

Where are we going to get all that electricity? From Eric Peters at

Back in the ’70s, it got hard to afford gas – which got expensive because of a combination punch of artificial shortages and artificially-induced devaluation of money – what is referred to as “inflation.” The result was lots of people could no longer afford to drive “gas hogs” – big American cars with big V8 engines.

History is about to repeat itself.

Energy hog electric cars will become too expensive to drive – in addition to being too expensive for most people to afford to buy – as the cost of electricity goes through the roof. Which it will as a result of shortages – and the artificially induced devaluation of the money people have available to pay for it.

Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky explained how it will play it to the Biden Thing’s secretary of transportation – who responded with the usual sociopath smirks. Watch for these when watching politicians and their appointees.

It’s a tell that lets you know.

Massie began by asking Buttigieg, “which uses more electricity, we’re talking about residential electricity, a refrigerator when it’s running or an electric car when it’s charging in your garage?”

“The electric car,” smirked the sociopath. They are amused by such things, you see. They enjoy the back-and-forth. Think OJ doing an interview about his book, If I Did It.

Massey continued:

“Would you say it uses twice as much or twenty fives times as much?”

Buttigieg replied – and remember, this person is the secretary of transportation and one of the key sociopaths pushing EVs down our throats –  “I would say closer to twenty five times as much.”

He “would say”  . . . because he does not know. The secretary of transportation. One of the sociopaths using the coercive power of government to compel people to buy EVs they will also have to buy electricity for – in order to be able to use them.

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