PART 2 – Smoking Guns: Nord Stream Sabotage ‘Secret Teams’ Revealed, by Freddie Ponton

An incredibly detailed analysis and explanation of the Nord Stream sabotage. From Freddie Ponton at

Get comfortable as you are about to embark on Part 2 of our investigative report into the Secret Team behind the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage operation. Despite facing the large swell of propaganda coming from the legacy media and their sudden renewed interest in the Nord Stream attack, we hope readers will appreciate the evidence-based, more realistic picture presented here regarding what an actual CIA-backed covered operation entails, as we identify the likely players, aiders and abetters from participating NATO members states. 

After having laid down the foundation of our investigation in Part 1 of the Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotage, in Part 2 of our investigation we’ll refocus on the actual operational, technical and logistical aspects of this US-led NATO mission which must be considered if we are to properly identify those who had not only the means and motive but also the opportunity to take out, once and for all, the German-Russian joint venture Nord Stream pipeline system in the Baltic Sea, detonated in the wee hours of 26 September 2022.

Initially, our investigation’s aim was to put a face on some of the key story points made by renowned investigative journalist Seymour Hersh in his Nord Stream incident report published on 8 February 2022. In Part 1 of our investigation, we presented data and evidence which validated the main elements of Hersh’s story, including the CIA-led Navy diving team out of Panama City in Florida, and also that the explosives were planted on the Nord Stream pipelines at a depth of 260 feet just a few miles off the coast of Denmark’s Bornholm Island – under the cover of the annual NATO BALTOPS-22 drill in the Baltic Sea held in June 2022. We also confirmed the validity of Hersh’s accusation that NATO ally Norway was in fact intimately involved in this covert military operation.

There were parts of Hersh’s story which we did not go into detail in Part 1 of our investigation, but which we have been able to do here. This includes substantiating Hersh’s claim that the C4 explosives attached to the pipelines during the BALTOPS exercise in June would be triggered in late September by a sonar buoy dropped by a Boeing Poseidon P8 aircraft. We will also demonstrate how specialists from the deep sea oil and gas industry were also consulted and would have, at least, participated in the planning of this operation. In addition to this, we will also show how NATO member Denmark was also involved in the operation as well, as well as the cover-up alongside its close Nordic neighbour Sweden.

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