Coming in From the Cold: Escaping Isolation, by Ted Snider

A lot of countries are surviving U.S. sanctions and living to tell about it. From Ted Snider at

Joe Biden promised, while campaigning for the presidency, to make Saudi Arabia a “pariah.” He didn’t. He promised to isolate Russia. He hasn’t.

The US has experienced a recent deficit in its ability to enact its promises to isolate enemies. Its confidence is proving greater than its capacity.

The US promised to sanction and isolate Iran. But Iran is entering the Shanghai Cooperation Organization as a full member, unlocking access to top-level contacts and economic cooperation with nations representing a full 43% of the world’s population, including giants like China, India and Russia.

In March, with the help of China, Saudi Arabia and Iran signed “an agreement to resume diplomatic relations between them and reopen their embassies and missions within a period not exceeding two months.” One month later, they signed an agreement to reopen their embassies and consulates in each other’s countries.

The first achievement opens up Eurasia to Iran; the second has the potential to reintroduce Iran to the Sunni Muslim world and the Middle East region. Though not fully insulated from US sanctions and not desirous of being cut off from the US and the West, Iran has found an escape and has been neither starved nor isolated.

In America’s backyard, the same is true for Cuba and Venezuela. In the 2022 iteration of the UN General Assembly vote on the US embargo of Cuba, the world voted 185-2 against US isolation of Cuba. Mexico demanded that the world not just vote, but act and promised “to continue demanding that the blockade against Cuba be lifted.” Other Latin American countries joined in the call. Brazil’s President Lula da Silva has urged Latin American and Caribbean nations to solve the problems of Cuba – and Venezuela – and treat them with “much affection.”

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One response to “Coming in From the Cold: Escaping Isolation, by Ted Snider

  1. To Absurdity And Beyond

    It is beautiful!
    Empire is always a complete waste of time.
    Even a benevolent one.
    Let’s enjoy it while the lights are still and the trash still gets picked up.
    A new Dark Ages once the incompetent are put in the place of those with skills and talent.
    It will be just as absurd as the Great Leap Forward where the mailroom clerk was promoted to brain surgeon while the scalpel master is demoted to sorting mail.
    Forward! The Great Leap Potato!


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