Freedom Convoy’s B. J. Dichter: We live in a belief-based society, by Mark E. Jeftovic

A look back at the Canadian Truckers’ Convoy. From Mark E. Jeftovic at

The two convoys: #FreedomConvoy and Political Convoy

“I have news for everybody on the left, you’re the right-wing authoritarians who wanted to censor my video games and music in the 90s. That’s what you’ve become, you’ve become the very people you profess to be fighting against. “

I recently had a chance to sit down with B. J Dichter of Canada’s #FreedomConvoy to talk about what happened in Ottawa, what the #FreedomConvoy was all about, and his new book Honking For Freedom.

The full transcript of the show is now available, highlights include:

What the #FreedomConvoy was all about:


One thing that was always frustrating to me when talking about the Freedom Convoy, and we’ll get into the whole narrative and spin and media, but let’s state it for the record here. What was the goal of the Freedom Convoy?

BJ Dichter:  Oh, it was pretty simple: to end the vaccine mandates and to end the ArriveCan app.

(Dichter had outlined in an earlier podcast with Robert Breedlove how he was pulling up to the border to re-enter Canada and was holding his phone out the window to the Canada Border agent who told him not to bother, his phone had already broadcasted everything they needed to know about him when he was still approaching the border).

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