“Kill the Whales!” by James Rickards

It’s hard to tell which is a bigger scam: Covid or climate change. Rest assured, they’re both scams. From James Rickards at dailyreckoning.com:

On Friday Joe Biden signed an executive order directing every federal agency to work toward “environmental justice for all.”

The executive order even establishes a new Office of Environmental Justice within the White House.

If that sounds kind of Orwellian, there’s a reason for that — it is.

“It’s only about the future of our planet,” Biden said.

If “the future of our planet” is on the line, then you can justify whatever extreme measure you want to enact.

After all, you don’t ask questions during an emergency. You act. And what bigger emergency is there than the planet’s very future?

It frames the issue in such a way that’s designed to nullify any criticism or serious analysis. You’re either with the planet or against it.

Beneath a large component of this campaign is the so-called climate emergency.

There’s only one problem — there is no climate emergency. It’s a myth whipped up by radicals to terrify people into supporting extreme policies no one would otherwise embrace.

Some climate activists have even conceded that they’ve had to exaggerate the threat in order to frighten people into taking action.

In other words, they admit that they’ve been engaging in propaganda. Unfortunately, it’s worked to a frightening degree.

They’ve Got It Backward

Here are the facts: There was a slight warming trend from 1985 to around 2005, although there’s nothing unusual about that. Since 2005, there has been a slight cooling trend but, again, that’s not unusual.

These warming and cooling trends are caused by solar cycles, ocean currents and volcanic activity. These large and complex forces can create induction zones where warm saltier water moves under colder less saline water to change surface temperatures, which in turn affect temperatures at lower latitudes as cold Arctic water moves further south.

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