PM Orbán at CPAC: A nation-destroy virus has been launched against Western countries, by John Cody

This guy makes a lot of sense. From John Cody at

The Hungarian prime minister told attendees in Budapest that his country can act as an incubator for shaping the future of conservatism

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán speaking at the CPAC Hungary event in Budapest on Thursday, May 4, 2023.

The West is facing a “nation-destroying virus” unleashed by progressive idealists that will destroy civilization unless conservatives fight to contain it, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has warned.

Speaking at CPAC Hungary in Budapest on Thursday, the Hungarian prime minister, seen as perhaps the preeminent leader of the Western conservative movement, issued his warning to hundreds of politicians, national leaders, and conservative activists who gathered in Budapest from around the world.

“A virus attack has been launched against us. This virus was developed in the progressive liberal laboratories,” said Orbán. “This virus is attacking the most vulnerable point in the Western world, and that is the nation. It is a nation-destroying virus that will atomize and pulverize our nations.”

The Hungarian leader said his country is seen as an incubator of conservative thought, and one of the primary strongholds left working against globalism. He noted that conservatives arrived in Budapest from countries ranging from the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Israel and Japan.

Not bad company, but how did Hungarians get into such a distinguished club? We’re not huge, we’re not formidable, we’re not rich, we don’t have a big army, we don’t have a huge GDP, and we’re not particularly populous. Who cares about us? Yet, here we all are today.

I think there is only one reason why we are in this elite club. There is one thing that makes our country an important place. It is the fact that Hungary is actually an incubator where the conservative politics of the future are being experimented with. Hungary is the place where we have not only talked about defeating progressive liberals and making a conservative Christian political turn, we have done it.

The Hungarian prime minister said that the attack facing Europe is not economic, but actually goes deeper into the very values and culture that had defined Europe for generations.

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