What the Maverick (and Prius) Might Have Been . . . , by Eric Peters

Diesel/electric hybrids would really pack a wallop. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

Hybrids are the solution to the problem of EVs, which are being pushed on us to salve a problem that is – at best – grossly exaggerated and at worst entirely confected. Of a piece with the ‘Rona, which people were assured would kill us all – or at least – kill a lot of us, indiscriminately – when in fact it killed very few who weren’t already on their way to being dead already, as from old age or some chronic, pre-existing debility.

Either way, the “problem” – of a “changing” climate – won’t be solved by driving energy hog EVs that cause at least as much – and probably a lot more – in the way of the bogeyman gas, carbon dioxide, to be produced as is “emitted” by energy-efficient hybrids.

Models like the Ford Maverick and – more famously – the new (just redesigned) Toyota Prius. The latter approaches averaging 60 MPG, which means it uses very little gas and for that reason, driving it results in very little in the way of gasses being “emitted.”

Bogeyman gasses and otherwise.

The Maverick is comparably efficient – given it’s a truck. It is much larger – and much more capable than the Prius, in that it can be used for work as well as transportation. Yet it still averages 40 MPG – which is about 30 percent better than a non-hybrid truck manages. And it manages to be much less expensive than other trucks, listing for just over $22k to start.

Now imagine what these two hybrids might have been if it had been possible to design them as diesel-electric hybrids.

You know, like diesel-electric locomotives.

Why do you suppose the railroads use them rather than gas-electric locomotives? Could it be on account of diesel being a far more efficient way to generate electricity, which in turn powers the traction motors that move the locomotive?

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One response to “What the Maverick (and Prius) Might Have Been . . . , by Eric Peters

  1. Beyond Thunderdome

    It kind of looks like a Frenchy Peugeot mobile in the photo of the Volkswagen.
    You can make brains fry by revealing that Hitler helped design the people’s car as it was intended to be converted into a light tank with “door knocker” 20 and 37 mm guns.
    Electric cars that don’t go very far are part of the control plan.
    The comrades never care about the environment beyond what they can use it for politically.
    An electrified Zil Trabant will be just right for the 15 minute concentration camp cities…yours for only $100,000 and a replacement battery will be $40,000.
    Don’t show the comrades the photos of the EV car graveyard in France, sent there because of the battery replacement costs, they might think it is a mean tweet or something.


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