Chelsea Clinton Promotes Mass Vaccination Program For Children – Laments Public Resistance, by Tyler Durden

Chelsea Clinton conclusively proves that the homicidal apple doesn’t fall far from the homicidal tree. From Tyler Durden at

Need confirmation that the globalists failed in their pandemic agenda?  You only need to review the numerous recent interviews of establishment elites in which they grow sour and despondent discussing their mRNA vaccination campaigns.

Why so serious?  Why are they so indignant over lack of vaccination for a virus with a median Infection Fatality Rate of only 0.23%?  

While speaking at the Brainstorm Health conference by Fortune Magazine held in Marina del Rey, California, in April 2023, Chelsea Clinton asserts that vaccine hesitancy and outright rejection have been an “unfortunate” side effect of the coronavirus pandemic.  She goes on to promote a partnership with the World Health Organization and the Gates Foundation to push a program of mass jabs for children to make up for declining vaccination rates.

“I think we are less prepared today than we were, arguably, in January 2020—partially because of the lack of trust and confidence in not only our scientists, but in science itself, and certainly in public health professionals. We all deserve to hopefully not be as unprepared as I worry we are at the moment.”

Clinton laments the growing opposition to vaccinations, which hints at the overall effectiveness of the anti-mandate movement.  Half the states in the US and groups in countries around the world stood against attempts to pressure or force the public into compliance with draconian vaccine passport programs.  Now, the establishment is reeling and regrouping.  Some members, like Anthony Fauci, are attempting to rewrite history as if they never had any intention of using authoritarian measures.

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