Nazi Germany’s Defeat… But a Pause for Fascism as NATO’s Proxy War in Ukraine Demonstrates, by Strategic Culture

World War II certainly didn’t get rid of the Nazis, in Germany or anywhere else. From the editors of Strategic Culture at

Nazi Germany’s defeat in 1945 has proven to be only a pause in a longer historical struggle against fascism. We are seeing that struggle playing out in Ukraine, and with Washington’s madcap psychopathic aggression toward Russia.

This week marked the 78th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany in May 1945. While the evil Third Reich was vanquished, a deeper monster had not been slain. Nazi Germany was only one version of Western imperialist fascism, a force that reemerged postwar in full strength in the form of the United States of America and its various Western clients.

It is not hyperbole to describe Washington and its Western satellites as the Fourth Reich.

The ad hoc wartime alliance between the Soviet Union, the United States, Britain and other Western allies would promptly give way to the Cold War, even as the ashes of the most destructive war in history were still smoldering. It is staggering to contemplate the deviousness here.

This reconfiguring of Western militarism explains why the United Nations established in 1945 was immediately made a mockery of by the U.S.-led Western powers and the NATO axis formed in 1949 with countless foreign wars of aggression, from the Korean War (1950s) right up to the present war in Ukraine.

The origins of the Cold War in 1945 and of today’s confrontation in Ukraine can be traced to the secret relations between the Americans and British and the Nazi Reich at World War Two’s end.

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2 responses to “Nazi Germany’s Defeat… But a Pause for Fascism as NATO’s Proxy War in Ukraine Demonstrates, by Strategic Culture

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  2. The playbook they are following seems to be the same.


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