US Plans Hybrid War vs Wagner In Africa, by Andrew Korybko

There is probably not a square inch of the earth’s surface where the U.S. is not trying to foment war. From Andrew Korybko at

Politico published a very detailed piece on Sunday about how “To counter Russia in Africa, Biden deploys a favored strategy”, which cites four unnamed US officials with knowledge of their country’s plan for waging Hybrid War against Wagner in Africa. Just like the French one that was reported by Axios last October, which was analyzed at the time here, the US’ also focuses a lot on information warfare. Taken together, they prove that the West intends to turn Africa into a major battleground in the New Cold War.

According to Politico’s sources, “The aim (of the latest effort) is to highlight for African officials how working with Wagner is likely to sow chaos in the long term despite its promises to bring peace and security to countries facing political turmoil and violence…it underscores the degree to which the Biden administration believes Wagner — and the Kremlin — pose a long term threat to U.S. interests on the continent.”

In other words, it builds upon the French’s fearmongering about Wagner’s “Democratic Security” services (counter-Hybrid War tactics and strategies that were earlier elaborated upon here), but openly acknowledges that these narratives are being spread in pursuit of the US’ own interests. This candid admission inadvertently discredits one official’s claim that “they create more terrorists than they actually eliminate”, which the Central African Republic (CAR) and Mali know for a fact isn’t true.

The only terrorists “created” in those countries after their cooperation with Wagner are the ones clandestinely armed by America and France on the pretext of them supposedly being ‘freedom fighters’, but who in reality function as the West’s anti-Russian proxies there. Once again, the CAR authorities know this for a fact, which makes one wonder why the US would waste its time spewing this information warfare narrative to them like Politico reported that they’ve already attempted to do.

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One response to “US Plans Hybrid War vs Wagner In Africa, by Andrew Korybko

  1. The Madcap Laughs

    Use the elite KKK Cheech & Chongo Cholowaffen!
    Victory Day every day all day.
    Too bad so sad Germany but you can always allahu ackbar.
    I love that scene in Blood Diamonds where they say thank God we don’t have any oil here.
    Muh Manifest Destiny or is that wayciss?


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