Our Bourbons, by Eric Peters

Our Bourbons are just as clueless as their namesakes, maybe more so. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

There isn’t a single EV available in this country that costs less than $40,000 that can go more than about 250 miles on a charge. This makes them impractical for people who do not live in or near cities, where there are “fast” chargers.

As well as unaffordable.

All of the EVs for sale in this country that cost less than $40,000 are compact-sized vehicles that aren’t suitable as family cars – even if they could go 500 miles on a charge. And never mind that most families cannot afford to buy one anyhow. Let alone two – in order to make up for the fact that a family would need more than one of these things.

In plain language, electric vehicles are elitist vehicles.

All of the models that can go 300 miles or more cost $50,000 or more. All of the mid-sized and larger models cost that much or more as well.

What will happen when the only vehicles available are vehicles like that – as the Biden Thing’s EPA intends to assure, having just issued regulatory fatwas that effectively outlaw alternatives to them, without actually outlawing them? The regs don’t say a manufacturer cannot build a given kind of car; only that it must comply. The cost of the latter being too high to make it worth building.

That’s how the government outlaws something without the bother of having to pass a law.

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One response to “Our Bourbons, by Eric Peters

  1. Power and control.
    Not the environment, not a workers utopia, not egalitarian equity, not fairness and equality, the issue is ALWAYS power and control with statist utopians.
    No personal mobility means easier to control and being able to hop in your jalopy and head to the other side of the country on a whim is just too much freedom for control freaks.


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