Taking Stock: Oxford Union to Set Up “Welfare Spaces” for Students to Cope With Gender Debate, by Jonathan Turley

Listen little wimps, if you don’t want your ideas questioned and debated, then keep them to yourselves. Once they are out there, defend them or your argument is lost by default. From Jonathan Turley at jonathanturley.org:

The Oxford Union bills itself as “the most prestigious debating society in the world” based on the values of free speech. It is a well-earned reputation for one of the world’s oldest forums for debating the great issues of the day. However, Oxford students are outraged that the Union will allow a debate over transgender ideology. In response, as reported by the The Times UK, the Union has promised to provide a “non-student support team that will remain in a separate welfare space to offer counseling and advice.” This is to deal with the trauma of free speech in simply allowing Dr. Kathleen Stock to speak about her views that biological sex is real and “gender identity” should not alter certain biological truths.

Stock is a feminist who has joined those (like the author J.K. Rowling) in raising concerns over transgender ideology. Her book, “Material Girls: Why Reality Matters for Feminism,” explores the subject and calls for a reaffirming of fixed biological realities.

At the same time, Stock has stressed her support for trans rights generally, writing that trans people “deserve to be safe, to be visible throughout society without shame or stigma, and to have exactly the same life opportunities as non-trans people do.”

Nevertheless, Oxford’s LGBTQ+ society called for censorship of the debate society and objected to her being allowed to be heard on campus as a “transphobic and trans-exclusionary speaker.” They alleged that the union was ignoring the welfare of the society’s members under the guise of free speech.

It really is not a “guise” but the very essence of free speech.

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2 responses to “Taking Stock: Oxford Union to Set Up “Welfare Spaces” for Students to Cope With Gender Debate, by Jonathan Turley

  1. Haven’t we fallen a long way in a short time?
    Hopefully, at least some of this hyper-emotional irrelevance will fade quickly – we must ensure it is not replaced with something worse.


  2. pathetic trolls, every one of them. they will be eaten alive in the real world. so be it. it will be deserved.


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