Why RFK’s Candidacy Matters to the Conservative Cause, by David Stockman

There’s a fair amount of RFK Jr. that true blue conservatives can endorse. From David Stockman at antiwar.com:

Self-evidently, there are any number of things about RFK’s policy platform that we don’t cotton to very much, and haven’t for decades.

Back in the day we were always on opposite sides with respect to aggressive environmental regulation. And, as far as we can tell, he seems to be a pretty conventional liberal on the Welfare State, the Nanny State and we are not even sure of where he stands on the Climate Crisis based assault on fossil fuel and its crucial foundation for modern prosperity and the actual reduction of human poverty and want.

But there are bigger issues now impending that are make or break for the true conservative cause. Indeed, only by shattering the uniparty consensus on these matters is their really any hope for the future of constitutional government, personal liberty and capitalist prosperity in America.

We are referring to the urgent need to:

  • Dismantle the Warfare State and bring back home the trillions being squandered on Washington’s failed global Empire;
  • Drastically throttle the Federal Reserve and eliminate the scourge of crony capitalism, bailouts and windfall prosperity for the 1%;
  • Halt runaway Federal borrowing and the burying of future generations under insuperable public debts;
  • Stop the drastic erosion of free speech and civil liberties by an unholy alliance between government agencies with an ax to grind and the Silicon Valley elites who abuse the free market to further their own political and ideological infatuations;
  • Disavow the entire wrong-headed Covid-era regime of counterproductive Lockdowns, masking, distancing, school closures, government promoted hysteria, Federally-funded, promoted and mandated vaxxes and the deification of power-seeking public health bureaucrats like Dr. Fauci and his Virus Patrol, while taking steps to insure that it never happens again;
  • End the inflationary shortage of labor in the domestic economy by adopting a large-scale Guest Worker program, which would also end the chaos at America’s borders.

On these crucial matters Robert F. Kennedy Jr. makes far more sense than a barn full of MAGA congressman and virtually the entire cohort of the modern-day Democrats who inhabit the Washington beltway. But what is truly refreshing about his candidacy is that he has no reluctance whatsoever to take his hetrodoxy right into the maw of the liberal mainstream media.

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